Who Are We?

We write copy for businesses with really, really, really BIG personalities. (And big hearts too.)

What did you think I was gonna say?

Founded by Jamie Jensen in 2013, Your Hot Copy is a boutique digital copywriting agency where getting funny meets making money. Our team of sales-savvy comedy writers, screenwriters, and creative writers use words to compel and SELL. In other words, we took digital marketing, and made it entertaining A F. WHY? Because NO ONE buys boring. Except maybe your grandma, but does she even know how to use the ‘net?

You’ve seen our writing all over, ‘cause we popular like that…

^ It’s a good one.

Our Team.

Aren’t we cute? Our moms think so.

Jamie Jensen

Founder & CEO

Jamie is a screenwriter, director, online business strategist, and the founder and CEO of Your Hot Copy. To date, Jamie has helped over 500 clients and customers increase their sales by as much as 900% with the power of story.


Director of Hotperations

Erin is a creative copywriter, improv comedy performer, and the queen of sparkly sales. She brings a BA from Northeastern University, a passion for telling stories that make you feel ALL THE FEELS.


Hot Copywriter

After graduating with a BFA in film production and minor in studio art, Emily helped launch Comediva, an entertainment company 100% dedicated to creating female-driven comedy content.

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