Because this? It's a party, and words are the drug we're selling!

1 millisecond.

^ how long it takes for a website visitor to decide if you suck.

Then CLICK. They’re gone. (Wave buh-bye.)

You lost another one.

Your Hot Copy Agency LogoAs a copywriting agency of comedy writers and women who frequently hear “tone it down,” “did you really need that donut?” and “why aren’t you famous yet?” – we’re here to help you stand out, be funny, and make that money on the Internet.

So how do you capture people’s attention?


But not just ANY words.

The words that get ‘em HOOKED.

Like drugs, only legal. (Usually. No promises)

SPOILER ALERT: we’re here to get your website visitors hooked on YOU, and SO drunk on words that they throw themselves at you like “omgggahhhhhh take mahhh moneyyyyy!

Because this? It’s a party, and words are the drugs we’re selling.

You know you want some.
Don’t lie, yo.

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