10 Ways to STOP Losing Money as a Copywriter, RIGHT MEOW!

The (copywriting) struggle is REAL.

Look gals, I’m not gonna lie, starting a business is always a lot of work.

It just is.

Now, I know that you’re a hard working, super dedicated lady, who’s totally up to the task but I can’t help but want to make it easier for you.

Plus, knowing that it’s going to be difficult, it’s just that much more important that you find all the help, advice, mentorship and guidance you possibly can. With the right leader in your corner, you can game the system by choosing your challenges. Not to mention, when you make as much of your business EASY as possible, the hard parts won’t feel so overwhelming.

So take some advice from a gal who’s been there and wishes she had a copywriting mentor in her first 18 months of biz! I added up what my mistakes cost me in my first year of business, and it was well over $100K of billable hours! (Blegh!)

Even Bill Gates would take the time to pick up $100K off the street. (Fun Fact: It’s actually not worth his time to pick up a $100 bill.)

And I’d bet you that same $100 that you’re making many of the same mistakes I did, and you don’t even know it!

Here are the 10 ways your copywriting biz is bleeding money (and what to do about it!):

  1. You’re Too Damn Nice! 
    Fix it: Set very clear boundaries RIGHT FROM THE START. No one likes having the rules changed on them mid­game! So make sure these are crystal clear the moment you start a project. Here’s a secret: clients actually LOVE boundaries!
  2. You’re Writing Time Isn’t Sacred
    Fix it: Just say no (to distractions)! I’m dying to check my email right now, but this is my time to write and ONLY write. So set your hours, track ‘um, stay away from Facebook, and WRITE!
  3. You’re Not Treating Your Biz Like a Biz
    Fix it: Hit the Books! Designate a specific time each month to work on the biz side of things. It’s not glamorous but needs to get done. That means keeping track of your books, sticking to a budget, and most importantly investing $$ back in your biz.
  4. You’re Not Asking the Right Questions
    Fix it: Dig for that (emotional) gold! Find open­ended questions that open up your client’s story so you can get to the heart of their brand and message. Be curious about your client’s background, what makes them tick, and why they started their biz!
  5. You’re Not Good Enough
    Fix it: Practice! Yep, there’s no quick fix to this one. BUT by practicing every day, and getting PROFESSIONAL feedback, your writing will improve by leaps and bounds!
  6. You Rely on Clients for Validation
    Fix it: Don’t take it personally, client notes rarely reflect the quality of your talent. Instead, find a coach or expert to give you REAL feedback so you can grow and feel confident in your work!
  7. You’re Waiting to ‘Make­it’ to Charge More
    Fix it: Don’t wait! Increase your rates (gradually) now so you can seamlessly reach your income goals. I know you want to help every small biz out there but you gotta limit ‘beta’ clients that eat up your time but don’t put food on the table.
  8. You Don’t Even Know What to Charge for Your Work
    Fix it: Keep track of your hours and create a solid business plan. Your rates shouldn’t come from a whim, you need to do the math!
  9. You Lack Systems and Processes
    Fix it: Organization is the key to Boss­Lady FREEDOM. Create simple, consistent procedures for your entire client process and automate as much as you can! Don’t
    worry, robots won’t take your job for at least 20 years. You can hand them the simple stuff.
  10. You Reject the Rules
    Fix it: The science behind good copy is pretty air tight. If you want to improve conversions you need to get the copywriting formulas TATTOOED on your arm (ok not really, but you know what I mean). Play within the rules for copy, then go raise some anarchy on your off hours (or with your own brand).

Got all that? Good!

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