You mean business with your business.

Doing things halfway, half-assed, or half off… not your style.

And if you’re soloprenuer-ing it, you’re realizing that handling every single piece on your own… is rough stuff. You want to make waves. You want to go big. You want to shake your money maker (and see singles falling from the sky as a result… yes, the universe tosses singles too. obviously… especially when we’re around.)

You’re here to grab the world by the shoulders (or the waist, or the balls) and show it how to tango. That’s why you started your business in the first place – to change things. You’re just revolutionary like that.

But baby, it takes more than two to tango*, which is precisely why we’re here – to bring the muscle to your hustle, one sales page, video script, tagline, and launch email at a time.

So throw on your dancing shoes and take a sexy, hip shaking spin with us. Because your business is about to get upgraded in the most delicious way.

Are you asking yourself “how?” Let us tell you!


Yeah, that’s the piece that gets your clients and customers invested in you. In case you haven’t heard the good word, buying is an emotional process. Money is emotional. And in order to capture the emotional investment and response you want, you’ll need story.

Story is change.
Story is emotion.
Story is impact.
Story is EVERYTHING! From your about page to your sales copy…you need story mixed in to sell online.


Okay, we’re not out to insult anyone… at least not on purpose or in a way that they’ll openly realize! But real talk: your personality is what attracts business to you.

Do you love working with people who are boring and bland, and scared to strut their stuff? Or do you love working with people who shine their light and get attention for being true to themselves?

We’ll wait for a breath while you take a second and decide. Yeah, that’s what we thought. So how about we bring all of your dazzle and uniqueness to your brand? Some call it voice, we just call it “how we roll.”


You know you want to sound like you’re the expert… because you ARE. You just want to explain what you do in words that clearly and confidently sell what you do.

Here at YHC, we pride ourselves on getting to know you, your brand, and your process from the inside out, so we can communicate all of that with class and comprehension. We are sales professionals, and we’re here to help.


Also known as: values, your big mission, your “why.”

You care about your clients and you care about your business. You believe in hustle with heart, goals with soul, making lists and making love…. and everything like that. Well, we don’t believe that running a business and living a flaming hot life are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we believe that when you’re creatively expressed, fulfilled, and firing on all cylinders – that’s when the magic (read: money) happens.

That’s why we tell stories that sell.


Your Hot Copy was created by Jamie Jensen to serve the fun-tastic entrepreneurs of the wild, wild web. To date, Your Hot Copy has helped over 250 businesses go BIG with their brand and get CLEAR with their communication.

We believe that doing things alone is stupid. So we teamed up to bring you more quality copy than you could find in a single brain. Did we mention that we’re all profesh comedy writers too? Yeah. Working with us, you’re guaranteed the most clever, creative, and sharp copy possible.

Okay, but who are we really?




Jamie Jensen is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Your Hot Copy, a digital copywriting agency for entrepreneurs with big hearts and bigger personalities. She’s used the power of the written word to help her clients (and herself) increase their sales by as much as 900%.

To date, Your Hot Copy has worked with over 250 amazing clients (and counting). Prior to creating marketable content for the internet, Jamie was creating marketable content for the big screen. Her indie romantic comedy film Hannah Has a Ho-Phase won her the Best Feature Writer award at the La Femme Film Fest in 2013. Jamie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Storytelling from New York University, and a Master’s in Producing from the University of Southern California. When she’s not whipping words into salesy submission, you can find her twerking up a storm, cracking cheap jokes or making passes at strangers.

Drink of choice: Spicy Paloma (or anything with bubbles).



Erin (your project manager, word wing woman, and sparkle queen) brings a BA from Northeastern University, a passion for telling stories that make you feel ALL THE FEELS, and a lifetime of reframing shitty situations (and words) into shiny ones.

She spends her days at the playground with her ridiculously cute toddlers, and her nights performing Improv at Push Comedy Theater. Her writing has been featured in Wild Sister Magazine, Elephant Journal, AltDaily, The Huffington Post, and badass businesses all over the ‘net.

Career highlights: Performing a live rap parody on stage (self-written of course), living in Austin, Boston, Savannah, and London, managing a teacher training program in Cape Town, South Africa, coaching women around the globe to share their sparkle, and raking in stories to (one day) share with the world.

Drink of choice: Red, red wiiiiine.



After graduating with a BFA in film production and minor in studio art, Emily served as VP of Production at Comediva, a website 100% dedicated to creating female-driven comedy. There, she wrote and directed hundreds of sketches, web series, and music videos – many of which you may have seen in HuffPost, NY Times, CNN, Good Morning America, Mashable, and Gizmodo, to name a few.

Emily has also worked with brands such as Pepsi, Univision, The Susan B. Komen Foundation, and NickMom on multiple campaigns and served as a consultant for Univision’s digital platform Flama. She also recently sold a half-hour children’s comedy series to Amazon Studios. #nbd

When Emily’s not working as a freelance writer/director for branded digital content and commercials, you can find her developing TV pilots, feature films, and the perfect Old Fashioned recipe.

What clients are saying about Emily:

“Emily is a fucking beast. I want to print this copy out and roll around on top of it.” – Michelle Bobrow

Her copy is smart and engaging – perfect for Facebook ads. Her turnaround time is SO fast. Best of all, my clients and their potential leads, love her work.” – Kathleen Cutler

She really hit home in terms of speaking to my ideal clients in a way that was honest, compelling and best of all HILARIOUS (in a ‘funny because it’s true’ kind of way). I love my about page. It’s so funny and real, and I’m really excited about it because it is the first thing that people are going to see when they visit my website.” – Sarah Bester

Drink of choice: Old Fashioned.



Linda’s a really well-seasoned writer (a dash of screenwriting and a dash of prose) with a knack for proliferating giggles on a global level. As VP of Programming, Linda helped launch Comediva, an entertainment company that creates and distributes fiercely funny, premium comedy content. (Yeah, pretty badass, huh?) She went on to go on a wild ride, filled with red velvet cupcakes, unicorns, and funny ladies, for five whole years. Time flies when you’re seeking comedic world domination!

Linda first went to Comediva to spearhead the editorial department. Countless hours, and countless boxes of Easy Mac later, and Linda had gathered together upwards of 40 of the internet’s funniest female writers. She spent plenty of long nights reviewing writers’ pitches (making sure they were in line with the brand voice), copy editing articles, and developing editorial content.

Oh, but she’s much more than a pretty face, folks! Because she can multitask like a beast, Linda also wrote tons of sketches and web-series episodes, and line-produced the majority of Comediva’s digital content (hundreds of videos!). People flocked to Comediva’s content like bees to delicious honey. Videos Linda wrote and helped produce pulled in millions of views and were featured everywhere from Today, Good Morning America, Mashable, The Huffington Post, CNN, Gizmodo, Glamour and more.

What clients are saying about Linda:

My voice is FINALLY CAPTURED!! The ‘one-liners’ get right to the core and speak volumes! Linda cut right through and delivered. Hot Copy is fun and about their business. I knew there was no compromising when it came to delivering excellent copy.” – Radiah Rhodes

Drink of choice: White sangria.



Emily Hirsh is our faaave funnel strategist. But she’s not just a whip smart funnel pro, Emily also provides epic strategy and support of all kinds to ambitious online entrepreneurs. She loves empowering business owners to scale up and grow their online empires with awesome automation, smart delegation, and masterful management. Over the last five years, Emily has also grown her own multi-VA business to 6+ figures, launched a successful online fitness business with her husband, and become a Facebook Ads master.

Drink of choice: Green smoothie.

Raven Marin: Chief Happiness Badass


Raven Marin is at your service as our client care badass and customer happiness MVP. Confession: She also helps keep our shit together behind the scenes. Over the past 10 years, Raven has worked with numerous local businesses and nonprofits to connect with their customers through creative social media marketing campaigns. Fun fact: She started her very first business, Avocado Tree Distro, at the young age of 15 by coding a Myspace page into an e-commerce website! We love her scrappy, do-whatever-it takes attitude as she’s 100% committed to do whatever it takes to keep our clients well taken care of, and at ease.

Drink of choice: Rum punch.

Together, we’re going to create a copy cocktail that blends your genius with ours. We’re going to (painlessly) birth a brand that makes heads turn and mouths drop open.

We’re going to make your audience giggle with delight, while they contemplate exactly how long it will take them to hire you and/or buy your product – because they’ll be aching with love and longing for YOU.

Ready to book YOUR Hot Copy Session? Head here to reserve your spot.


We typically book about 4 to 6 weeks in advance, but never more than 2 months out. Why? We find that our excitement and inspiration stays the most fresh that way.

Have a last minute need that requires our attention? Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about our availability. We will sometimes whip up emergency projects with an additional rush fee.

Let’s spark your revolution with the right story!