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Sales Funnels: WTF!?

A quick guide to how to actually get started without losing your sh*t, wasting your time, or banging your head against a wall.
(It happens.)

Well, let’s all start by just taking a nice, big deep breath because from what I see out there, the concept of “sales funnels” typically comes with a side of “ugh,” “ack!” or “WTF!” and a big, heaping serving of “OMFG, I KNOW I SHOULD BE DOING MORE BUT IT’S SO OVERWHELMING, WHERE DO I START?”

If you’ve ever thought those thoughts OR felt that way, you’re not alone.

Funnels can be BEASTS. If you’ve ever looked at a flow chart of a wildly detailed sales funnel (looks kinda like this) it’s enough to make you think you’re suddenly lost in a labyrinth, desperately trying to find your way out while hoping that the Minotaur doesn’t find you and eat you. YEAH. It’s confusing and scary A F.

While ultimately, a well-plotted automated sales funnel is designed to make the process seamless, easy, and smooth as butter for your CLIENT  — from the backend it can feel and look like a mad laboratory of potions and recipes that you think might explode at any second.

You’ve got tags, segments, flows, automations, sequences, upsells, downsells, and a whole lotta crazy nonsense — it can make anyone go BATTY. But today, I’m going to make this easy for you.

Here’s all you need to know about sales funnels to get started without wasting time or tens of thousands of dollars…


  1. Sales funnels are not passive money generators. They’re passive LEAD generators. Designed correctly, they exist for THREE reasons: to help you attract more potential buyers, to turn those potential buyers into actual buyers, and to ideally break even on developing and nurturing that relationship. THAT’S IT. Does this mean that sales funnels can’t turn a profit? OF COURSE NOT. But trying to do that immediately is like trying to skip over the first few levels of Super Mario Bros and beating Bowser right away. Not how this thing works, y’all.
  2. Sales funnels require testing and tweaking to turn a real profit. LOTS of testing and tweaking. Here’s what that means for YOU: If you f*cking HATE tech, you’re going to need to hire someone to set this stuff up for you, to look at numbers, data, and analytics and you’re then going to have to make adjustments to BOTH the copy & strategy to improve and optimize those numbers. If you’re not up for that level of commitment and dedication, or don’t have a team to help you out with this — don’t try to do something super complicated. Keep it simple. You can create a simple, effective sales funnel without worrying about all that sh*t in the beginning.

  3. Start where you ARE. Don’t try to “hack” it all at once. Your very first step to building an effective sales funnel is figuring out the best possible lead magnet (a.k.a. a “HELL YES! Opt-In”) to capture emails and start building that relationship with your potential clients and customers. You don’t need to build Rome in a day, and you don’t need to make everything perfect all at once. This stuff takes time, but if you work smart you won’t have to waste thousands of hours or dollars on figuring it all out.

Actually, because I want to make this whole process SIMPLE, EASY & CHEAP (#free) for you, I’ve decided to run a FREE CHALLENGE next week on How To Create Your HELL YES Opt-In.

After all, your opt-in HAS TO BE the sexiest part of your funnel. It’s how you’re going to get people in-the-door, make a stellar first impression, grab those digits, and create mutually rewarding business relationships. That’s kinda important to your business, don’t ya think?

>>Click here to learn more about this FREE 5-Day Challenge.<<

We kick off on Monday, April 3rd — and I can’t wait to see you in there.

“But, can you really sound like me?” Ask Kerin.

-said 1,000 perspective clients”

Our response “ABSOLUTELY.”

How? Our system is threefold.

We learn about your business. Duhsies. Before each project we have our clients fill out an in-depth questionnaire so we can get crystal clear on your biz. And not just the basics, we go deep. (Oh, yeah, baby.) We want to know why this business exists! We immerse ourselves in your mission, your vision, and your WHY.

We get into the mind of your client! We wanna know everythingggggggg about your ideal client. Her loves, her hates, her deepest desires. Knowing the people you’re targeting helps us connect your voice to her ears (or eyes, in the digital world we live in!)

We LISTEN to you. Like, really listen. During your kick-off call with your head writer, we get to know you. We listen to the way you speak, the words you use, and we pay attention to the story you tell us. We connect with your vision and then use our gifts to translate that into written word.

And when those 3 things happen, MAGIC happens. Next thing you know, POOF! You have a website copy that SOUNDS the way you want to sound. A strong message that’s conveyed clearly. And empowered readers who are INSPIRED to reach out to you.

And when your voice is there, your website comes to life.

And that, is exactly what we did for Kerin. But we’ll let her tell you about that…

Your name?

Kerin Briscese

Who are you, like, for REAL?

Yikes, This is a loaded question. To sum ME up I would have to say Wine, food and travel lover (preferably all at the same time). Shoe and purse collector. Obsessed with getting women to love their bodies and who they are from the inside out! Hopeless romantic at heart.


What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

I help women who struggle to lose a pound drop weight eating REAL food (dare I say even cake) by figuring out the macronutrients intake (proteins, carbs, fats) that they specifically need in order to lose 1-3lbs a week of body fat, and keep it off PERMANENTLY. As an EX-emotional and CRAZY- around-food binge eater I work predominantly with women who struggle with the same issues. Not only do I teach them how to eat for their bodies (a.k.a they take back the control. NO more diet plans, they now get to choose what they want to eat) but I also work with their mindset so we break through any self sabotaging, glass ceiling limiting belief systems that have held them back in the past. It is a lot easier to lose weight when you are consistently showing up at the gym and eating till you are satisfied, not about to burst.

What did you love about the process of working with us?

It is still my words. Emily listened to everything I said and really captured the tone and feel of what I was going for.

We know the power of copy– a full site overhaul is like an amazing makeover transformation that you could watch over and over on TLC (no, just us?) Anyway, we wanna know how did reading your NEW copy MAKE YOU FEEL?!

Empowering to see my words and what was going on inside of me come to life. I felt overwhelmed and not sure where to start when having to redo my website copy. It was such a relief to see all the words that were scrambled inside my head be put on paper that made sense and flowed smoothly.

Overall, what was unique about working with Your Hot Copy as your copywriter?

How clearly your team can capture the voice of your clients!

Overall, were you happy with the results and performance of the copy? Yes, we’re asking you how we “performed.” Teehee!

Haha, in short, YES!

How did having your website written by YHC make writing future copy easier for you?

I got more clear with my message which makes writing everything easier.

Would you recommend working with Your Hot Copy?

Absolutely! And I have!

Tell us what you’ve got coming up next in business!

I am currently working on booking 3 events every month (I just love the face to face interactions!) I have also stepped up my Private FB Group game, it’s been great watching women from around the world join and come together to support each other. I’m loving how they look and not holding themselves back. It is so cool being a part of that.

Gush for us. What are you most excited about creating this year?

A bigger community! It is the most amazing thing to be able to help women who come to me saying they have tried everything else and have given up hope of ever loving how they look. It lights me up to be a part of that!

There you have it! You can find more about Kerin on her website, join her private Facebook Group, and grab your copy of her free eBook right here.

If you’re feeling like “ahhhhhhhhh no one will ever nail my voice” or “omg I have so many ideas, where the hell do I even start and how could I even hand this over to a copywriter?!” Take a deep breath, sweet thang, because we got you. And you can click right here to book a call with Erin to hear more about working with us and figure out if we’re the ONE(S) for you.


Lots of love and word wizardry,


jamie signature

Why PERSONALITY sells (Even better than sex does!)

Scantily clad models with perfect pouts, holding Gucci handbags. Justin Bieber in his boxers, repping Calvin Klein cologne. Jessica Simpson washing a dirty car, with garden hose in one hand and Carl’s Jr burger in the other. Open a magazine, turn on the TV, peruse the internet, and you’ll realize the old adage is true: sex sells.

And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Bring on the chiseled, handsome dudes with the treasure trails and the washboard abs! I’m just gonna be over here, minding my own business, objectifying their bodies in my imagination with a super sexy NSFW daydream. No big.  

:: 5 Minutes Later ::

Huh? What? Where was I? Sorry, sorry, I’m back.

Look, while your grandma might gasp at the alluring aspect of lust, YOU know and I know it’s got power. After 15 years of working in the nightlife industry, and 5 years of working in film and TV, I’m well aware that a saucy wink or steamy joke can definitely get it up—the sale, I mean! (Ok, and possibly other things). Hell, I even wrote a screenplay called “Hannah Has a Ho-Phase” (which shot up to #1 Hulu right after it’s release for 3 weeks running). So, yeah, I know that sex sells. But we’re not here to talk about sex (much as I LOVE to talk about sex).

We’re here to talk about PERSONALITY.


Because personality sells more.

PERSONALITY is what makes people fall in love with you, and love > sex.

Think about it: SEX is a fun romp that could last anywhere from 20 seconds to 20 minutes (depending on your partner, obvi), but LOVE lasts a lifetime.

Love is all you need, love conquers all things, love can move mountains. Love can make you do crazy things—like giving away the last piece of pizza to your BF, or waiting to watch the most recent episode on Netflix until they can watch it with you (true sacrifice, you guys).

Yeah sure, you might have potential clients who flirt around with visits to your website, who toy with the idea of working with you, who sneak back and forth between you and your competitor. But the clients who fall in love with you are going to be loyal as FUCK (And not just “DTF”). You don’t want booty call clients who will be there one minute and gone the next—you want starry-eyed, love-sick clients who can’t get enough of you and what you’re selling.

So the question is: do you want the sex kind of sale, or the love one?

That’s what I thought.

So why do people fall in love? Two reasons: they either see themselves in you (and know it), or they see themselves in you (and don’t know it, because they think you have something they don’t have or can’t have). This is some deep psychology shit, guys.

In order for people to see themselves in you, they need to get to know you, for real. They need to connect to you. And the main way that potential clients connect to you is—yup, you guessed it— through your copy. Visuals can paint a pretty picture, but words make the world wide web market go ‘round, y’all.

Did you know that 100% of online sales require effective copy?

The right words, in the right place, can bring in the dough BIG TIME. Companies have even been known to lose MILLIONS of dollars in revenue from just a few website spelling mistakes. Ooof!

I know, I know, with the pitfalls and potential for disaster it can be a bit daunting to make sure your copy is really speaking the language of love. But like a good wing-woman, I will tell it to you straight: stop stalking that potential lover you’re crushing on—pull the trigger and talk to them already!

I know you might be thinking…

“But Jamie, what if my PERSONALITY/POV/voice/self is unlikeable/unloveable/too controversial??”

ALSO GOOD. Trust me.

The truth is, even if you approach a potential consumer and they HATE what you’re about, that can still be good. Bad feelings are strong feelings. Polarization is a great sign that you’re doing it right—you’re expressing a point of view that’s STRONG, instead of vague or wishy-washy.

When you hone in on what you’re REALLY about, you’ll slowly weed out the not-quite-right clients and find the long-lasting, satisfying members of your market that, you know—fit just right. (Tee tee).

Middle School sex jokes aside, let’s talk about the various components of personality as it pertains to your BRAND, shall we?



Speaking of Middle School—remember when you and your first boyfriend cemented your love for each other through a mutual obsession with Nirvana’s “Nevermind”? (I am TOTALLY dating myself here). Shared likes/dislikes bond us to other people who feel the same way, so expressing those likes/dislikes opens the door to that mutually-obsessed kinda love.



What do you care about? What do you support? People who care about/support similar things are going to be drawn in by shared values—so whatever you “stand” for, make it super clear in the story you’re telling about yourself.



See: Values, religious/philosophical/spiritual edition. Make your big WHY and worldviews totally clear.


The Way You Talk/Sound 

Remember last week’s blog about the importance of voice? Like moths to flame or bees to the honey, a silky-smooth and strong voice can bring in the buyers. Get comfortable writing how you speak and watch your conversion rates shoot through the roof.


Your Unique Perspective  

Are other people selling the same thing as you? All the more reason to focus on making your personality stand out. Hone your super specific slant, so those potential clients find themselves not sighing “Yawn” but shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


Sense of Humor

What is your sense of humor? USE IT. Use this ALL over your copy. All over your videos. All OVER EVERYWHERE YOU CAN. WHY? Because laughing increase chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. THOSE ARE LOVE CHEMICALS—and we know love sells. (Are you hearing the cha-ching? I am.)


Don’t know how to dope up your clients with your love-sale chemicals? Keep your eyes open for a special offer coming soon. I’m also dying to hear from you, so tell me in the comments below: What’s hard for you about nailing your personality in your copy? Or, feel free to brag all about how you’re TOTALLY nailing it!

You can also pop into The Champagne Room to continue this conversation with moi!


How much does “BRAND VOICE” really matter? (Hint: A LOT.)

I see you, you bad-ass entrepreneur—and I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. With all the nitty-gritty that goes into running a business you might be wondering:

“Look, does this whole ‘Brand Voice’ thing really affect my sales all that much?”

(Hint: Yes. It does. A LOT).

Funny story: Back in my bartending days, I once met the most insanely attractive man that this human world has ever seen (think a cross between Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom ::drool::) But when he opened his mouth? He sounded like a cross between Mickey Mouse and Michael Jackson. Womp, womp, WOMP. You can bet I wasn’t buying what he was selling (I’ll let you figure out what that was. Sorry Mom).

Here’s what you gotta know: Brand voice isn’t just about the words you choose or the services you’re offering.

Brand voice is your super-special distinct point-of view, personality, beliefs, worldview, audience preferences, sense of humor, and the way you talk/sound ALL whirlpool-ing into a giant vortex of lead-and-sales-generating POWER.  

When people resonate with your brand voice, they get sucked into what you’re selling.

When people feel that they know you, like you, and trust you (because—cough, ahem—your brand voice is super clear, likeable, and true to who you are), then they WANT to get sucked into what you’re selling. They’re thrilled and excited to get sucked into what you’re selling.

They’re letting out an exuberant “Woot!” and squirrel jumping kamikaze-style off the high-dive INTO what you’re selling.

So how do you know if you’re “nailing it” with your brand voice? For starters, you’re getting new clients/subscribers on the reg. Like, a lot of them. Like, a lot of the time.


  1. If you have been gaining new clients/subscribers on the reg, jump below to the starred section.
  2. If you haven’t been gaining new clients/subscribers on the reg, jump below to the starred section.

*Yup, both answers lead to the same place. Because here’s the deal: Brand voice ALWAYS matters.

Whether you’ve been doing this for ages and are rolling around in money like that scene in Indecent Proposal, or are just starting out with a client or two, you know that in this entrepreneurial shindig you will ALWAYS need to focus on generating new business.

And, yup, you guessed it: Honing and clarifying (or re-honing and re-clarifying) your brand voice is a HUGE part of that. Just think about this process as something that will only get better and more potent over time—like a fine, fine wine. (Damnit, now I want wine).

If you’re ready to rock your brand voice but don’t know how, don’t freak out. I’m here to make it EASY for you to get started. So grab a glass of vino (I mean, I already did), sit back, and let’s get that whirlpool going.

  1. GET FEEDBACK. If you’re wondering if your voice has gone from stunning to stale, ask your peeps. I mean, it’s easy to convince yourself that fedoras should be your new style accessory until you talk to that loyal friend who says 2002 called and wants its shit back. Straight up: having an outside view helps. Ask your clients. Ask your friends. Ask your mom. Ask your mom’s hairstylist. But make sure to ask the people who you trust to be completely honest with you about whether or not the words/tone/message you’re presenting are true to you.
  2. DOES IT SOUND LIKE YOU? Story time ain’t just for Reading Rainbow anymore—speak it aloud. Then ask yourself “Does it sound like me? Does it sound warm, funny, capable, and all the other ways I am (insert super positive, empowering word here)?” If YOU find that it sounds like a slightly bland cyber-clone of the truly bright and amazing you, your audience will probably feel the same.

  3. HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL? Do you get those butterflies in the stomach when you read your mission statement, bio, and sales pages? Does it resonate with your inner chi? Does it leave you positively vibrating with excitement like that first touch from your middle school crush? If so, keep it. If not, go back to the drawing board till that giddy gold comes through.

  4. HOW DOES IT MAKE YOUR CLIENTS FEEL? Inspired, ready to rock, or needing a nap? We’re going for magic here, not “meh,” so pay attention to the response you get from your clients’ first impression of your voice. We want that ooey gooey infatuation to go both ways, and, simply put: they should be weak-kneed for you and swooning over what you’re saying.

  5. ARE THOSE FEELINGS ALIGNED WITH YOUR BRAND VALUES?  Like the wonderful Julie Andrews sang: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” (And yes, I def referenced Sound of Music twice in one blog ::movie nerd alert::). Listen, with all the go-go-go of running a business, it’s so important to stop, take stock, and make sure your words are still jiving with your life’s work. #nbd

Unsure of what YOUR Brand Values are? If you’ve never done Sally Hogshead’s “Fascination Advantage Brand Test,” I’d recommend starting there. It will tell you the #1 core value that your brand stands for–and help you figure out if your vision and voice are lining up in harmony like do, re, mi. I’m not an affiliate for Sally’s work, but I’ve found this quiz to be simple, effective, and extremely clarifying.

So, how did you shape up with your “vocal workouts”? Did this post give you some interesting, confusing, enlightening feedback? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know by commenting below (or by posting in The Champagne Room), where I’ll be answering Q’s about voice ALL month long!


Got Sales & Money Cock Blocks? Here’s how to eliminate them.

If you checked out last week’s blog, you know that I went on my favorite kind of rant – all about CREATIVITY. I love to talk about creativity because it’s one my highest values, but also because (as I mentioned last week), it’s ONE of two primary things you need to make money as an entrepreneur.


Selling comes with all kinds of ick factors. It’s one of those things that just gives people the heebie-jeebies.

Ever thought to yourself about SELLING…


  • What if I sound like a creep?
  • What if I come off as sleazy?
  • What if people think that I’m greedy, or decide they don’t like me?

You’re not alone.
Well, today I’m determined to help you BLAST through that shit with some solid sales tips.

First, tell me how you react when you just hear the word “SELLING.”

Do you think to yourself “UGH?” Well, I can’t say I blame you. Selling isn’t my FAVE either when I do it for myself. When I do it for my clients I utterly LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So, before we proceed, I want you to simply forgive yourself if you don’t love selling.

Typically entrepreneurs are only great at one of those two key “THINGS” – creating or selling. It’s RARE to be great at both. Why? Because creatives often feel icky about selling, and salespeople can’t always connect to their “inner artist.”

Now, let’s work on your sales skills.

The first step to getting better at selling is identifying what your holdbacks are, so let’s start with the biggest sales & money cockblocks I see —

A > Not believing that YOU, and your OFFER, are good enough or valuable enough.

This is really the crux of the issue for all creatives, healers, helpers, or big-hearted business owners. When you’re not IN the business “for the money,” setting your price and asking for money can be hard. How DO you determine your value when you’re questioning if you’re even valuable at all?

B > Fear of failure.

Another whammy. So many entrepreneurs, even established ones, are terror-stricken at the idea of putting something NEW out there. What if it doesn’t sell, or isn’t successful? And then you’re just left with the sad stench of FAILURE. Ick.

C > Fear of rejection.

The other tough thing about putting something (i.e. yourself) out there is REJECTION. If no one buys, it can also mean that no one likes you or wants what you’re selling. It can feel like a big, fat NO from planet Earth, and no one wants to take a leap just to end up in a puddle of disappointment tears.

D > Lack of knowledge on HOW to sell.

Having sales-know-how is critical to your confidence, and without confidence it’s going to be IMPOSSIBLE to sell anything. Whether you’re selling face-to-face, at an event, over the phone, or in an email and sales page, you have to know HOW to do it, or else your market won’t know your value and THEN… that whole failure and rejection thing? Kinda bound to happen.

> Zero confidence writing sales copy.

If you’re putting an offer out there via the mighty internet, you better believe you need a sales page. But, if you don’t know HOW to write one in a way that will truly compel people to buy – you’re just going to spin your wheels and waste a whole hell-of-a-lot of time.

Yeah, do any of those roadblocks hit home for you?
I bet they do, you beautiful creative you.
Here’s WTF to do about it….
  • Werk that mindset. Once again, you gotta kick that nasty, addiction-prone, co-dependent inner critic to the curb. After all, everything he says is LIES. So make sure you take time each day to connect with your inner wisdom and drown out that inner critic with LOVE.


  • Remember: rejection and failure aren’t lethal. Also, it’s all relative. Case in point: I made a full-feature film (it’s called Hannah Has a Ho-Phase if you’re curious) and upon release it immediately shot to the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes comedies and was the #1 movie on Hulu for two weeks running. It even earned me a “Best Feature Writer” award. Does that mean the movie made loads of money? No. Does it mean we didn’t get hate-tweets from a-holes on the internet who exist to trash people? Also, no. And yet, I’m still standing. Still successful. And STILL SELLING. No matter what happens, you will learn and you will survive. #peptalk
  • Still freaked out? Just start with a pre-sale and/or beta-test then! If you LOGICALLY don’t think your offer is good enough, test that shit! Get feedback. Make it better. (This brings us back to the creative process – it never ever endsssss.)
  • Take a class, course, or workshop like this one right here. YES. Because I LOVE YOU, I designed a workshop that will help you OWN your value, gain CONFIDENCE in selling, and actually WRITE YOUR SALES PAGE. It runs ON TUESDAY and it’s going to FORCE you into action. You’ll walk away with a SOLID sales page draft AND clarity on how to sell your next awesome thing – whether that’s 1:1 sessions with YOU or a massive $2,000 course. And it’s ONLY $47 for the next 4 days.


ONLY $47 for 4 DAYS…
You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the RECORDING of this LIVE workshop, so, for $47, grab it while you can…

The TWO things it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Before I go any further, I want to tell you that being a successful entrepreneur takes MORE than two things, obviously. Running a business requires you start doing all kinds of shit you told yourself you’d NEVER do. Like MATH, for example. Did you know I dropped precalculus in high school because once I found out I didn’t “need” to take it to graduate I was like “fuuuuck thaaaaat shiiiiit.” ??? Well, now you do.

But can I pay my peeps, allocate funds for taxes, review my P&L statement year-to-year, make financial decisions about stupid (or smart!) investments without MATH?! Fuck no.

Anyway, this post actually isn’t about MATH, it’s about the TWO critical things (besides math) that YOU need to succeed in biz. And these two things are ALSO the areas where people get tripped up by common pitfalls (< yes, I realize that’s a total copywriting buzzword but it’s just fucking true!). So, before I ramble on any further with bullshit jokes…

THING # 1!

CREATING. Yes, you need to create. Create a brand, create a team, create free content, paid content, courses, videos, systems, processes, intentions, clients. YES, you can even CREATE clients. If you’re creatively blocked, that means you’re ALSO financially blocked because if you’re NOT creating offers and VALUE ain’t no money gonna flow your way!

Biggest creative blocks I see time and time again?

A > Trying to do shit alone.

Literally. Either by trying to do it ALL by yourself, or by charging ahead without any freakin’ support. Naturally, I don’t recommend either. If you’re feeling tapped out, it could be because you’re not leaning into the support systems you’ve got and/or you need to hire some more help.

B > Trying to do shit that’s OUTSIDE your zone of genius.

This is a major inspiration-boner-killer. Me for example? I HAAAAATE tech stuff. Hate it. With a passion. When I try to wrap my brain around things like CSS and HTML, I start to feel stupid because I don’t enjoy it and it’s NOT my zone of genius. So instead of getting shit done, I struggle and waste hourssss of my life. So, I made my first website, and that was IT. The point? Don’t do shit that’s outside your Z.O.G. or your creative juices will dry right up!

C > Trying to do shit in a way that’s OUTSIDE your nature.

Ugh. So here’s the thing. You naturally have a way of working that  – no pun intended – works for you. For me? I prefer having lots of space and working in short, sprint-style bursts. Immersion is my style. Some people prefer having everything anally scheduled, and others get MORE done when they have tight deadlines. We’re all different. Knowing what motivates you, and how you take action is KEY. Otherwise, you’ll be trying to fit yourself into someone else’s idea of “perfect” productivity and that does NOT work.

D > Worrying that anything you create will suck, so you just DON’T.

Yep, that nasty inner critic pipes up whenever something awesome is on the horizon – because it’s the voice of your FEAR. The “fear of sucking,” or as my amazing screenwriting mentor calls it, “the FOS” (pronounced “FOZ”) will literally halt creativity in its tracks, straight up SCARING the good ideas away.

E > Not creating the SPACE you need to actually DO SHIT.

Being TOO BUSY will kill your creativity because ideas don’t show up if they don’t have room to THRIVE. Plus, you just won’t have TIME.

F > Too many ideas and you can’t CHOOSE.

Ever have this problem? OMGMETOOSAME.

G > No fucking ideas at all!

You stare at the blank page wondering what to write and CAN’T. Or, know you need to create something and put it out there but you’re STUCK on what to make, wondering: What will actually sell? What do people want? Yeah, you need to fix your creativity probs, STAT.

Sidenote: Creativity is ACTION so if you’re idling, you’re not doing it right.

If ANY of these blocks or holdbacks resonate with you, here’s what to do to fix it…
  • Clear your calendar and create some space. Ideas don’t show up when you don’t have room for them. This means you need to clear your head too. I love this app for that.
  • Connect with your ideal clients. Get them on the phone. Find out where they hang out and get into a room with them (real or virtual). Listen to what they need. Once you’re inspired with ALL the ways you can help, ideas will FLOWWWWW. Then, figuring out the right one to choose becomes easy. You create the thing they REALLY want and need most.
  • Gather a tribe. Join a mastermind. Build a team. Ask for feedback. Have a brainstorming session. Stop trying to do it all alone. Chances are, “martyrdom” isn’t a good look for YOU, because it’s not a good look for anyone. Also, last I checked, it feels like shit.
  • Un-invite your inner critic to the party. Yeah, I know, he’s the guy who ALWAYS brings the booze and the drugs. He’s fun sometimes. But, let’s be honest – you’re in a new place in life. A place where you no longer need him.


Well, you’ll have to wait until next week to find out, boo.

Okay, I’ll give you a teaser… it’s SELLING. *GASP*

Curious what your sales & money cockblocks are and how to fix them?

Come back to check out next week’s blog to find out MORE…


Meet our Client of the Month: Kathleen Ventura!

This woman makes me want to be a better woman.

For real. There is no one out there who walks their talk more than Kathleen Ventura. If you’ve never met or heard of Kathleen, now is your chance to get mega-inspired and start rethinking the choices you’re making in your life and business. Warning: she WILL have that effect on you.

When I first met Kathleen, I remember being SO impressed by her rapid-fire intelligence and how well she really knew her clients and cared about their success. At the time, we were working on her sales page for Start Your Coaching Practice™  – her get-off-the-ground course for coaches who need solid direction to ensure they focus on the right tasks. That was over 2 years ago and she still uses that sales page to this day! #lifetimevalue

I had SO much fun working with Kathleen, and felt so enlivened by her bright ideas, personality, and WHY, that I nearly BURST with joy when she came back to me for rebrand copy last year. Really, I could gush for days, but it’s time you just meet Kathleen yourself so you can feel some of her signature sunshine. 🙂

Your name?

Kathleen Ventura

Who are you, like, for REAL?

I’m a woman who wants to live in a world where everyone lives with intention and consciously creates a life that’s in alignment with their unique values. I am also a wildly passionate feminist, environmentalist and Star Wars fan 😉

For real? I am just one crazy, fast-talking, extreme introvert who wants to live in an eco-friendly house, eat organic plant-based food, and empower women all over the world to use their unique gifts and create a lifestyle that aligns with what is most important to them.


What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

I own a life and business coaching practice for women entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do, but still get in their own way when it comes to the business side of bringing their work to the world. It’s two-fold: the life coaching helps these women overcome the blocks and limiting beliefs that are causing unnecessary resistance, and the business coaching is all about planning and execution. Through both private coaching and elite masterminds, I help my clients build a business model that is unique to them, fun to work on, and generates the kind of income they desire.

And, as someone who likes to go deep with people, I really care about every single one of my clients and their journeys. I LOVE that my business enables me to connect deeply with women all over the world as they embark on “being the change they want to see.” I also LOVE cultivating community within the entrepreneurial world particularly because often it can feel isolating, which makes it too easy to think that there is something wrong with us! Let’s face it – becoming an entrepreneur means you’re the unicorn in your current social and professional circles. Bringing together communities of women who ‘get’ each other and lift each other up is just about my favorite thing ever.

What made you choose Jamie and Your Hot Copy for your website?

There was no contest! I actually put “have Jamie write my entire website copy for my rebrand” on my business bucket list last year, so when the time came I was thrilled that she had space for the project!

I’ve always been blown away by Jamie’s copy whether it is in her own newsletters or on a colleague’s sales page. I should also mention: I trusted that Jamie really understood my brand and ME, so that I wouldn’t have to kill myself trying to explain who I was and what my vision for the rebrand looked like.

Which YHC package did you do?

Jamie did my sales page for Start Your Coaching Practice ®, but most recently she did ALL of the copy for my current rebrand, including the sales copy for Own It, my high-level mastermind program – which is open for enrollment again right now!

What did you love about the process of working with us?

Everything. Working with Jamie and Your Hot Copy, the communication and processes are so succinct and clear. There is nothing confusing, it’s extremely organized and fluid. Materials were delivered even sooner than I anticipated and Jamie really understood my vision and listened to my feedback throughout the whole process.

How did it FEEL when you first received and read your copy?

Is “squeal” a feeling? Because, I’m pretty sure when I saw it in my inbox I squealed audibly and stopped everything I was doing. It was SO good, it was incredible how Jamie captured everything I wanted in the message, with the words, all of it.  She is such a professional and it was evident reading through the first draft.

How did launching with Your Hot Copy differ from previous launches?

I had only launched the Own It program one time previously and I did it without a sales page. This time around, however, I had so much confidence going into the cart opening. I couldn’t wait for everyone to see the sales page. I felt confident that the copy would effectively communicate the benefits, features, and procedures of the program. I had ladies applying telling me how they read the sales page and it just totally resonated with them!

The launch was so professional and polished, and we revealed the entire website the same day the cart opened so the positive feedback was overwhelming.

Overall, what was unique about launching with Jamie as your copywriter?

Launching with Jamie as my copywriter made me feel legit, proud and excited to show off my copy and sales page. I know she is one of the best in the business and having the confidence that her words were bringing my brand to life and communicating my message to the world was treat to say the least.

Overall, were you happy with the results and performance of the copy? Yes, we’re asking you how we “performed.” Teehee!

Obvi!?!? Elated. Thrilled. Impressed. Honored. Telling-everyone.

I still have people asking me who did my copy for the website!

Plus, I sold out the Own It mastermind with World Class Clients–every single one of them is amazing. So I’d say that “successful” isn’t even a strong enough word for describing the performance of the sales page 🙂

Over the time you’ve used the copy Jamie wrote for you, how much revenue did it help you bring in?

Oh man. Well, we did almost $70K in revenue from the launch in August 2016 when we revealed the website – including the sales page for Own It. Since then, we’ve earned nearly another $65K in sales plus $9,600 passively just from Start Your Coaching Practice™ (we didn’t launch it at all in 2016!).

How many launches have you been able to use this copy for?

I’m on the second one now! It feels like such a luxury to know that this copy is solid and going to work for me for many launches to come!

What do YOU think is the lifetime value of sales page copy? This isn’t a trick question, just take a guess!

It’s tough to put an actual figure on it because things like confidence, brand authority, and effective communication are invaluable to me as a business owner.

Anything else you’d like us to know about your unicorn awesomeness?

Best question ever?!  I’d say the fact that I am finally in a place where I am embracing all of my unique unicorn awesomeness is what has helped me empower my clients to do the same–to identify who they are, how they work best, and what they want most. I love holding community for women entrepreneurs who are moving mountains in the world!

Tell us what you’ve got coming up next in business!

This month, the Own It Mastermind is open for 2017 enrollment! We are accepting fourteen exceptional women into the program to help them get out of their own way, design a business model that is unique to them, and start making the money they really wan!
AND this time around I’m including some early enrollment bonuses that I’ve never offered before so I’m a little excited about revealing those!

Oooh, that’s juicy! How would your perfect Own It lady get started or find out more info?

All of the gorgeous copy and details for Own It Mastermind are at!

What’s your top tip for women who are struggling with getting out of their own way and identifying how to best utilize their time to grow their business?

What this comes down to is trusting yourself.
My philosophy is that when you trust yourself, your business can transform. Make your number one goal trusting yourself. Be honest about what feels good to you. Establish measurable objectives in alignment with that. Check in with yourself that you don’t have any stories/beliefs that something “bad” might happen if you were to realize these objectives.  Eliminate anything that doesn’t directly move the needle towards the achievement of those objectives. Take action.

DIDN’T I WARN YOU THAT KATHLEEN WOULD SHAKE UP THE WAY YOU LOOK AT LIFE AND BUSINESS? I know I did! And for good reason. Reading her advice gives me the chills. Also, her Own It mastermind is so good that it makes me wish I could just be in every mastermind on the planet.

If you haven’t yet, you can check out all the details, and the copy, right here.


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Getting MORE by doing LESS, with Allison Braun.

gettingmoreby-doinglessIt’s not every day that you hear actual stories of success around doing LESS and getting MORE.

Just to be clear, I mean working less hours, doing less work, and generally creating habits and patterns that feel anything-but-overwhelming because they’re focused on LESS.

And the “MORE” I mean?

…is everything you want MORE of: like money, time, energy, rest, fun, play, and in this case: PLEASURE.

Yup. Lots of pleasure.

Meet Allison Braun.

Allison is the master of helping women get more of what they truly want by making pleasure their #1 priority. Her clients learn how to use their sexual, spiritual, and creative energy, and blend it all with badass business strategy to generate the clients and lifestyle of their dreams.

Not only that, but (unlike some business owners I know… *cough*guilty*cough*me*) Allison really walks her talk. She and I worked together about 2 years ago on her opt-in and sales page for a program she was launching for the second time, and  — not only did enrollments double — but today she is STILL able to turn a profit from the work we did together. Talk about leveraging your business investments so you can get more with less!

This is just one example of how savvy and sharp Allison is – she consistently makes smart business decisions that also feel good, and helps her clients do that same. But I’ll stop bragging on her now and let you hear from her yourself… 😉

allison-braunYour name?

Allison Braun

Who are you, like, for REAL?

Haha for REAL!

I am a woman of duality, obsessed with swimming in the ocean, cuddles, sipping espresso, traveling, laughter, sensuality, pleasure and personal growth.  I’m quiet and quirky + a deep dreaming pisces.

What’s your business, and what do you LOVE about it?

I help women get what they want by being who they are – with pleasure and without burn out.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients really step into who they are and go for their deepest desires without shame or guilt.

What made you choose Jamie and Your Hot Copy for your sales page?

Jamie and her team at Your Hot Copy are all funny, sexy, and personable copywriters – all things that are important to me.  Plus, no one can knock out double entendres like Jamie. 😉

Which YHC package did you do?

Sales Page with Jamie!

What did you love about the process of working with us?

I felt really seen, and understood, which is very important to me. Jamie really took the time to actually connect and ask great questions. I loved that about the process.

How did it FEEL when you first received and read your copy?

EXCITING!  There’s nothing like seeing your ideas, concepts and words captivatingly splayed across a page in a way that you just couldn’t convey yourself.

How did that differ from previous launches?

Enrollments doubled! And, I got to spend more time connecting with my community instead of spending hours and hours hashing over a sales page.

Overall, what was unique about launching with Jamie as your copywriter?

Because of Jamie’s personality, it felt more fun!

Overall, were you happy with the results and performance of the copy? Yes, we’re asking you how we “performed.” Teehee!

Heck yes!

What was your average conversion rate with the sales page, if you know?

At least 5%.

Over the time you’ve used the copy Jamie wrote for you, how much revenue did it help you bring in?

Over $42,000.

What do YOU think is the lifetime value of sales page copy?

Over $80,000.

hjp_0268Tell us what you’ve got coming up next in business!

I’m just gearing up for the 2017 Sexified Success Circle (SSC), a 10 month magical mastermind & sisterhood for 10 soulful women (which just so happens to include a luxurious pleasure retreat in Bali!).  Applications have just opened, and we kick things off in January!

Oooh, that’s juicy! How would your Soul Mate Client get started or find out more info?

I’d love to connect personally in the Soulful Success Tribe (my free Facebook group) and you can find out more about SSC at

What’s your top tip for women who are struggling with really being themselves and letting themselves experience pleasure in their work?

Take a good look at the parts of yourself you’re resisting or trying to hide. The more you can love and share those, the more energy you’ll have for pleasure + you’ll have unlocked the aspects of yourself that really will attract your Soul Mate Clients.


Isn’t she amazing?!! That’s some epic advice that we ALL need to follow. Myself included. Don’t forget to join Allison’s FREE Facebook Group to get more of that goodness on a daily basis. And pretty sure spots are already flying (and in limited supply) for her SSC, so if you’re even a teeny bit interested, I urge you to apply!



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What to do when business (and life) feels crazy.

You know it’s bad when your therapist asks you if it’s “that time of the month.”

Now, before you react the way I typically would (i.e. “ugh, that is so sexist and judgmental and rude!”), keep in mind that my therapist is a soft, compassionate woman.

So… have I just been kinda fucking crazy lately? In a word: YES.

*cry face* BUT IT’S BECAUSE I LOVE MY BUSINESS. I love my clients, I love my team, I love every single thing about Your Hot Copy. But what I don’t love is that sometimes (okay, most of the time) I don’t know how to say “listen business, today is just about ME.” Loving my business and caring so hard makes it very hard for me to let go, take care of myself, and have a life.

To some extent, my business is my baby, so I’m not about to leave it in the car with the windows rolled up while I go shopping for new shoes. That would be neglectful and abusive! But if I’m being very honest: I AM in a place where I CAN technically let go more, step back, and work on the big picture instead of the small details.

My team is here to support me, to keep things running, and to allow me to focus on being the CEO instead of the service provider.

Well, I am wholeheartedly acknowledging (out loud and in public) that stepping into the role of CEO is a hard transition to make.

So hard it’s made me all “crazy, stupid, love.”

So… HOW do you put the kibosh on the crazy and reel your sanity (and money) back in?

Especially during the holiday season?

Xanax and wine.

The end! See y’all in 2017!

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. OR AM I??!!!

I am. I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.

Here are the actual, substance-free solutions that help me every single time.

  1. Lean on me (or your girlfriends). I personally thank GAWD that I have friends like Jordana Jaffe who are unicorn mamas in their spare time. Her own experience with panic and anxiety has made her (and every community she’s ever built) my personal saving grace. Last week I had some mornings where I was dripping snot crying from feeling overwhelmed. BUSINESS ISN’T ALWAYS SEXY, YOUZ GUYZ. Without her support, and the support of those she gathered for times of need, I’d be LOST. Knowing you’re not alone when you accidentally make some bad choices, overcommit, or just feel crappy or stressed is ERRYTHANG.
  2. Delete, delete, delete. Not your writing, boo! Just that shit on your calendar or to-do list that’s NOT a priority right now. How do you know what to delete? Go through your list of to-do’s and events and remove anything that makes you go “ugh, no” or “yes, but not right now.” Cancel or delegate anything in the “ugh, no” and reschedule anything in the “yes, but not right now.” Give yourself permission to cancel commitments so you can breathe. This is a hard one for me, because integrity is a HUGE value of mine. I want to do what I say I’m going to do — but once in awhile, it’s ok not to. 😉
  3. Take care of YOU. You know all that space you just freed up by deleting stuff? Use that to take care you! Do you need to schedule a therapy appointment, an acupuncture session, or a massage? Make sure you build in rest, care, and recovery or you are going to be like that overstretched rubberband and SNAP.
  4. Get flexible. I don’t mean “do yoga,” although that’s also a great idea! I mean – detach yourself from doing things the way you think they “should” happen. I don’t know about YOU, but I assume that I know how things are supposed to happen, and when. As a strategic thinker I love to plan and map things out, but when it comes to things changing – I’m kinda like 90s dial-up “beep boop beep beep” — does not connect. I am still learning the art of flexibility. Rubber bands are flexible, as long as they are not stretched too thin. Be the rubber band.
  5. Accept a new timeframe. Things don’t happen on your time, they happen on their time. So try as we might, some things are simply not going to happen on the schedule you’re hoping for. With business, know that the most important things will happen on deadline but the rest WON’T. So know that, be okay with it, and when shit feels crazy – try giving yourself more time.
  6. For gawd’s sake, go to the gym. Or dance class, or yoga, or take a walk. Endorphins are the shit and solve most of the problems we make up in our head. Connect with your body, and work it out, and you can usually sweat out the crazy. Fun fact: actually a certified Vixen Workout instructor! It’s my favorite way to sweat, and the more I do it, the better I feel. 😉

And then, of course, if all else fails, there is always Xanax and wine.

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p.s. If my #1 made you go “ohhhh, I need a sisterhood of supportive lady bosses too!” then check out Jordana Jaffe’s amazing post about how to create your own right here. She’s the grand puba of community-building and makes the over overwhelming, extremely simple and doable. Check it out!

Lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk (sing it like Rihanna!)


Every list has ‘em.

Maybe you’re one of them?

If so, that’s cool with us! In fact, we love ya!

Do you have lurkers on your list? You know, subscribers that have been around for AAAAAGES but don’t ever click to schedule that call or buy?

Well, we’ve got news for you, even though lurkers may not be paying your bills, they’re actually the shit.

Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through your Mailchimp (or ConvertKit, or Ontraport, or whatever it is you’re using these days) thinking “WHY DON’T THESE PEOPLE INTERACT WITH ME?! I’m nice! I’m funny! I’m selling life-changing shit!” Well, take a deep cleansing breath, because I’m about to tell you the 3 big reasons why having lurkers is a sign you’re doing things right.

  1. Lurkers are actually lovers. I mean, why else would they be hanging out, reading your emails? They may not be buying, but they’re listening. They are picking up what you’re putting down. Your message is reaching them. And isn’t that why you started this whole biz in the first place? Unless they haven’t opened one of your newsletters in a few months (check those stats, babe!), they’re just loving you from a distance. Like that cute guy on date #3, they’re just waiting for the right moment to pounce.
  2. They’re warming up. Sometimes, sales take time. Not everyone wants to jump into bed with you right away! Some like to go slow. (Or so I’ve heard…) Maybe these lovely lurkers just need some time to get to know you. Through your (one-sided) interactions, they’re getting to know who you are and what you stand for. With every weekly email, they’re learning that your consistent and trustworthy (and AWESOME!)
    Fun fact: 15% of people who are ever going to buy from you will buy right away. BUT, those other 85%? They need some time to get cozy and warm enough to take their pants off and wallets out. So, respect their needs. Give them time. Eventually, when they need what you’re selling, you’ll be the first person to pop into their mind!
  3. Your emails are SOLID. And trust me. That is NOT the case for everyone. If you have people hanging on your list and opening your emails, take that as a HUGE compliment. It’s 2016, we all get approximately 1 million messages/emails/texts/slacks/notifications/pings/whatsapps/gchats a day and this person is STILL giving you the time of day. Damn, that’s cool.

The moral of the story is, whether you’re lurking or buying, hanging or stalking, we LOVE ya and are SO SO SO glad you’re here.

Now, if you’re interested in helping your lurkers transition into buyers, here’s the key: LISTEN to them.

Go ahead and ask them a Q in your next email or send out a survey with a cool incentive for filling it out. Or even do a few free calls to find out what they really need from you.

Love ‘em up. Like we love you.

Speak soon!
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PS – If you don’t have lurkers, that’s ok too. To each her own!

But if you want them, or if you want to turn them into buyers, we can help. (Yeah, we write pretty AMAZING + HIGH-CONVERTING emails.)
{Give Erin a shout to learn more.}

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