Because you're too good to waste any more time staring at a blinking cursor.

You're a majorly bad ass business owner.

(You know this, right?)

And your audience, crew, gang, peeps, tribe: they need you.

They need your services, your expertise, your strong willed opinions, your sense of humor, your energy.

But first and foremost, they need to know you.

They need to know who you are, what you're about, and how you can help them. 

Because people don’t buy what they don’t trust or understand. That’s like buying a fancy watch from a random dude on a corner that you have to wind up every fraction of an hour in order for it to work properly. And who would do that, seriously?

But luckily it doesn't take much for people to get to know you.

All you need to do is effectively communicate with your audience.

In writing.

Easy, right?

HAHA. Funny!

Holla at me if you've ever...

  • Written copy that sounded academic, corporate, or just plain boring – and that’s not how you actually sound! 
  • Spent hours (or days) on a sales page only to realize it didn’t convert at all and the worst part? You don’t even like it!
  • Cringed at the thought of writing your About Page because you feel like a total creep-o talking about yourself so much.
  • Fallen off the wagon on creating content for social media because you don’t (ever) know what they hell to write about.
  • Felt gross sitting down to write ANY sales content because (no matter how hard you try) it just doesn’t feel like YOU.
  • Triple-guessed your blog ideas because you just don’t know if anyone else gives a shit about what you have to say.

And let's be honest: other people giving a shit... it's kinda the point of business writing. 

(Okay, it IS THE POINT.)

Roger that. I totally get it. I got a bit creeped out by myself just writing this page right here. And I'm a professional writer! Gah!

But there is hope! (Hallelujah!)

Because effective business writing only requires THREE core components.

A clear message.

You have to know what you’re saying.

Have you ever read a long, boring ass piece of literature only to ask yourself “what’s the point?” Or watched a weird fucking art house movie that left you with big question marks looming over your head? Yeah. Because people want to know the bottom line. What’s the point? What am I supposed to do? How can this help me, specifically?

Truth: Everything you write has a message and a purpose, everything, and you need to be clear on what that is before you sit down to write!

A strong voice.

You have to know how you want to say it.

So you want to be different from everyone else on the business block? Well, I have news for you. Your language isn’t what makes you different. (There’s only so many words and so many languages in the universe, after all.) What makes you different, distinct, and interesting is your VOICE. You gotta have it to flaunt it. 

Truth: Developing your writing voice is not instantaneous, but my tips and tricks from decades of writing that can shortcut your mastery timeline. Unless you have 10,000 hours to spare… 

A compelling story.

You must deliver a message with emotion.

Stories are how we connect with each other because, as humans, we identify with each other’s pain and struggle. This is the key to an emotional connection and (hello!) buying is emotional. Orchestrating how your reader feels when they look at your copy is a matter of structure and timing. Not everything in life has a formula, but there is a formula for this, so you should probably know how to do it.

Truth: Every single piece of writing for your brand needs a well-crafted story in order to connect.

Ahhh... and you know what happens when you effectively connect?

Picture this...

  • You’re oh-so-clear on why your clients need your new offer that the sales copy just pours right out of you. No more staring at a blank document until your eyes bleed!

  • You’re actually excited to write your next blog post because you know just how you want to sound so your audience will totally get it (and fall in love with you).

  • You have new sign-ups left and right because you finally NAILED the story in your About Page and you’re shouting it in every interview with confidence.

  • You’re overflowing with ideas for guest posts because you finally get what you have to say and how to deliver all of that value in writing.

  • You’re generating marketing ideas in your sleep because you’re actually confident enough to bring all of your personality to your business.

In other words, you're firing on every damn cylinder in your business. You're rocking out with copy, marketing, public relations, even new ideas for offerings - because you KNOW your voice and can say what you want to, confidently. 


Because you can't know (and express) your business until you know (and express) yourself.

Cue Madonna!

[Copy That] is a fun, business-building, confidence-boosting writing course that will change the way you write (and live). Over SIX weeks, we will take your writing mayhem and whip it into writing mastery.



If you’ve ever wondered “what’s my writing voice?” If you’ve ever wished you were funny on the page and not just after two glasses of wine with your girlfriends, this is for you. We’ll spend the first week digging into YOU and uncovering all the parts that will help your copy go from “blah” to “babelicious.”

THE RULES OF CREATIVITY and how to bend them in your favor.

There’s an art to effective creativity and, contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for “creative people.” If you’re waiting for inspiration, or the right mood, or for the wind to blow the right way, guess what? You’re blocked. Understanding your writing blocks and developing habits to combat them is the best way to ensure you’re never left “uninspired” again. Because business isn’t about “when I’m inspired.” It’s about consistency. So let’s craft a strategy to keep you consistently creative.


SPOILER ALERT: Story is everything. Narrative structure (a.k.a. “storytelling”) plugs RIGHT into sales psychology in an incredibly perfect way. If you want to understand the basics of human motivation, action, and change WHILE learning how to sell your products and service – look no further. Because learning how to tell a story IS learning how to sell in an honest, authentic way. With [Copy That] you’ll get my 10 years of storytelling expertise whittled down into ONE WEEK. You’re welcome.


The difference between regular old copy and panty droppin’ copy is persuasion. Believe it or not, even copy that sounds light and fluffy on the page takes a lot of behind-the-scenes mechanics to pull off. I’ll teach you the basics of persuasion with easy-to-implement tactics that will help you inspire action and sound crazy confident to boot. Helloooo, conversions!

WHAT EVERY PAGE OF COPY NEEDS in order to be compelling.

Hint: It’s a rewrite. Now, don’t get me wrong. Writing is wonderful. But rewriting is even better. Why? Because it gives you power over how you show up on the page. In rewriting, you can become quicker, smarter, funnier, more confident. You can take your time to restructure and learn what works and what absolutely doesn’t. That’s how it becomes second nature. That’s how it becomes easy to bang out a damn-near-perfect draft on the first try, the next time.



This is your master course document. It will walk you through every module as you discover your writing voice and sharpen your creativity and story skills. And it’s yours to keep whenever you need a reference or a refresher!

4 MODULES. 9 LESSONS. Text. Audio. Video. All.The.Media. 

I’m all about mixing up the media to keep you learning instead of yawning. Because anything else would be fucking boring. You’ll have modules broken up week by week that cover Voice, Creativity, Story, Writing, Rewriting and then some. And each lesson has an assignment or exercise attached to it to keep you active – whether it’s in your journal, Google Docs or in the group with us!

18 WRITING PROMPTS delivered right to your inbox.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you’ll receive strength-building writing exercises that will build your business, brand and brain. These complement the modules if you’re keeping pace with each week as the course is laid out.

2 WEEKS OF WRITING WORKSHOP to get your page just right.

This isn’t just a course, it’s a workshop. Because learning without implementing isn’t really learning at all. Practice makes perfect! You get to choose one page or blog post to work on throughout our time together. I will also have you pair up with a writing buddy for the course to swap feedback in weeks 5 and 6 so you can rewrite your page to perfection.


You pick the page and you pick the draft and my eyes and brain are ALL YOURS during our workshopping weeks.


I’ll be there for brainstorming, on-the-fly creative questions and ass-kicking accountability. In addition, we’ll be working through each weekly module LIVE in the group. So basically… you won’t want to miss this.




  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Sales Page
  • Services Page
  • Blog Post

In other words, you'll have a worksheet for EVERY page you could ever need.

Class begins on March 16th, 2015.

You write. You work. You win.

You in?

Your investment is just $497.

And, because I know some of you want a little more support-

I'm offering a special tier of [COPY THAT] that includes:

  • ONE THIRTY MINUTE PRIVATE Q&A CALL with ME to work out any burning questions about voice, story, creativity, confidence or persuasion in a personalized setting.
  • ONE EXTRA ROUND OF FIERCE FEEDBACK ON YOUR PAGE so you can have my expertise and help through TWO FULL DRAFTS and grow as a writer + gain a wayyyyy more awesome page as a result.


OR... you could hire a copywriter every single time you want to tweak your website or launch something new.

[COPY THAT] is in session on March 16th.

Doors closed on March 2nd for this round. Click below to join the waitlist.


  • You click the pretty button for the tier you want! It will send you right to Paypal to submit payment in full.
  • Once the cart closes officially on March 2nd, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the class and inviting you to join our private facebook group!
  • By March 16th, you will receive the FULL course – which you can dig into at your own pace over the following six weeks.
  • You’ll be expected to write DAILY on your own time to hone the habit. (And I WILL check in on this.)
  • You’ll receive writing prompts every other weekday to make sure you’re practicing your new skillz (yes, skillz).
  • Weeks 4 through 6 will be devoted to your WRITING (and rewriting), and I will be available to answer any questions about the templates or the process so you are set up for total success.

In six weeks, you'll walk away with an ass-kicking about page, slammin' sales page, or bad ass blog post (or any other page you choose to work on)...

All you need is a journal, a blossoming business, and a desire to learn and grow!

Oh, and a professor.

Hi. I'm Jamie.

Award winning writer. Creative bosslady.

Lately, I love helping kick-ass business owners (like YOU) say what they mean in their own awesome + unique way. That absolutely makes my world go ’round.

And passion is great. But experience is greater.

I have over 10 years of professional word-smithing, a Bachelor’s in Storytelling (NYU), and a Master’s in Producing (USC) under my belt. After working in film and television breaking stories (for Fox’s HOUSE, Miramax Films & Lionsgate), I broke Hollywood’s heart and left to make my own feature film.

So yeah, I gave story development notes to writers like Annie Mumolo. (She wrote BRIDESMAIDS.) Are you sure you don’t want me to give some to you?

Get the whole course for $497!

Get the whole course PLUS a private Q&A call and 1 extra round of feedback.

Doors close on March 2nd.

Class starts on March 16th, 2015.

I got some A's for your Q's!

But then can we dot some i's and cross some t's?

What if I don't know what page I want to write?

That’s totally okay! You can start the course and see what sparks. Even if you don’t need to create fresh website copy, there is still tons to learn here. In our last round someone decided to finally start writing their NOVEL. Yeah. Who knows what’s going to happen?! That’s part of what makes it so exciting. So join this party and let the inspiration flow. 

But, I'm a really bad writer. Like. Really bad.

Excellent. My standards for all first drafts are that they are TERRIBLE. We welcome bad writing with open arms here in [COPY THAT], because writing badly is the ONLY way to start writing beautifully. It’s kinda like mining – you keep chipping away at the dirt until you strike gold. (Also, you’re probably NOT as bad as you think you are. Just saying.)

What if I buy this and then panic and change my mind?

You’re stuck with me! Just kidding. Unfortunately, since this course is a downloadable PDF (and once you have it, it’s yours for LIFE), I cannot honor any refunds after purchase. If you decide you’re not ready to start in March, you can always hold onto the course and use it at your own pace. You will miss out on the live coaching and the workshop aspect, which are VERY valuable pieces. BUT, it’s totally your call to use this course as you see fit.

How do I know which tier I need?

The top tier is really for people who are committed to growing as writers intensively. The ONLY way to get better is to continue getting feedback from a professional, digging in and working at it. If you want the extra attention to develop your voice and writing skills, it’s worth it to invest in the top tier. That said, if you just want to take the course in a lighter version, the standard tier is better for you. You’ll still get all of the value! It just won’t be quite as intense.

Do you offer any kind of payment plan?

Yes, we can break up the payments into 2 or 3 installments, depending on the tier you want to purchase. Click here to email us (and tell us the tier of your dreams!) and we’ll hook you up with a special link to pay your deposit and secure your space.

Any other questions? Email and ask away!

Get the whole course for $497.

Get the course PLUS a private Q&A call and an extra round of feedback!

p.s. It wouldn’t be a party without you.