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You know what's NOT fun?

Doing shit alone.

It’s the truth. My very, very wise writing teacher always says that people hate suffering… but they don’t mind suffering in the company of others.”

The same is true of writing.

It’s isolating and time tends to drip by. You start to lose steam. You reach for coffee, sugar, chocolate – your bed – anything to change what you’re feeling: BORED. TIRED. UNINSPIRED.

Inspiration doesn’t come from staring at the page.

It comes from DOING THE WORK.

And while writing itself is a solo endeavor (much like running a biz from the internetz), creating your best writing is NOT.

Why do you think TV shows have writers’ rooms?

I’ll tell you about my TV show past someday.

And ad agencies have throngs of writers throwing ideas at the wall?

Ever heard of a hot box? Google it.

It’s because our brains thrive on interactivity. It’s because we (collectively) make each other better.

Newsflash: I don’t always come up with my best ideas all alone. I usually force some of my poor (but smart, creative, and witty) friends to listen to me and tell me what works and doesn’t. 

If it doesn’t pass the feedback test, it doesn’t end up on the page.


You need criticism to improve. You need bouncing boards, people who see your blind spots, and not just your “real life” friends and family – but business owners who actually get it.

You need to know if you’re communicating clearly, if you’re targeting YOUR ideal client, or if you’re talking to no one and might as well scribble those words in journal while rocking back and forth in fetal position — I’m just saying…

Because here’s the thing: you become most like the people you surround yourself with. So isn’t it time you surrounded yourself with some hilarious, fun, go-gettum rock stars who are gradually taking the internet by storm?

That’s where you belong. Am I right? 

Here's what you get when you join (it's totally FREE by the way) -

The Intoxicating Copy Guide

My most popular resource for understanding how effective copy really works (so you can get your clients drunk with words).

The All About Your About Page Worksheet

This one makes writing your About Page a total, effin’ breeze.

In the Private Champagne Room Facebook Group, we are constantly sharing and workshopping our writing and ideas.

Every month, you’ll get my brain on your biz during an hourlong BizBuzz Q&A.  Anything you need, I’ll be there to help!

PLUS, you’ll have the rest of the group to help you all month long!

This is priceless, because the value of a community goes beyond support. You also need criticism to take your work to the next level. So if you don’t want your writing to really pop and shine, if you can’t handle honesty in the interest of growing your skills – this group is NOT for you. This crew is specifically for ass-kicking, ambitious entrepreneurs who understand that getting to the next level takes a little bit of sting from time to time. If you’re too sensitive to take constructive criticism or too judgmental to know how to deliver it effectively – then The Champagne Room is probably not right for you.

Did I mention these will be on video? Yup. 

Whenever there’s a question that I cannot answer in the monthly Q&A thread, you’ll get a custom video JUST for you. Who doesn’t love that?

I’ll be bringing in some of the best in the business to give you the know how, perspective, and giggles you really need. Who doesn’t need giggles? No one I wanna hang out with…

Literally everything I offer, test, tweak, improvise and implement will be offered to the Champagne Room exclusively first. So saddle up and get ready for some sugarcoated syntax.

It’s my personal mission to make sure you are killing it with your business writing. And if you want to talk about novels, short stories, poems, love letters or screenplays – I won’t stop you. 

While I’m not in there 24/7, I will be there for your monthly BizBuzz Q&A  – PLUS – I check in quite often and chime in to offer feedback whenever I can. I loooooove knowing what you’re up to (I’m nosey like that) and let’s be honest – I LOVE THIS SHIT.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s party! Click the button below to sign up – it’s FREEEEEEEE.


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